This is our story...

These two unassuming boys who met at Scouting, began their journey into adulthood with the motivation and desire to become the success story they are today. Using their life-long friendship and passion for programming, Liam created Media Manage and encouraged James to step on board with his knowledge in e-commerce and SEO. Together, they have the skill set and ability to create amazing, bespoke websites which hit first page rankings, delivering traffic, custom and revenue for their customers.

Liam Rourke

Liam started off learning how to write ActionScript to make his very own computer games at the age of 12 and has since found a love and passion for anything IT. Over the past couple of years he has made his niche in WordPress web development and has been honing and sharpening his skills in this area to make sure he delivers a perfect website every time.

Jamie Taylor our SEO specialist.

Jamie Taylor

Jamie joined Media Manage in June 2020 bringing along with him his experience with e-commerce and SEO. He has spent years perfecting his SEO skills, getting consistant first page results with a local successful SME. Keeping up to date with all of the big search engines and their requirements, keeps Jamie on top of his game in the world of SEO.